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Before you start putting locks onto every drawer, cabinet or door in your home to keep the little ones safe, consider Jammy Fingers, the simplest child safety locking system.

We understand that childproofing or babyproofing your home isn’t the easiest task in the world, so we’ve created Jammy Fingers to make sure your children are protected from any potential dangers and won’t trap their fingers at any opportunity!

How often does your toddler go for the kitchen drawer with sharp knives inside? We know it’s difficult to keep your eyes on your children at all times, so our Jammy Fingers product is a super easy solution and will keep your curious children safe from harm.

As your child becomes more mobile, they’ll want to roam around the house and explore every inch of your home.

Using Jammy Fingers to lock any drawers and cupboards is a fantastic way to reduce potential risks and will give you peace of mind that your child can’t open certain cupboards or drawers, especially those containing dangerous household products.

Child Safety Locks, Door Catches & Cupboard Locks

So, here’s why you need the Jammy Fingers product in your home and in your life!


Jammy Fingers are a convenient alternative to other safety locks as they use Ultra High Bond adhesive, so they are easy for adults to open but not so easy for children!


There is no drilling or locating necessary, so you don’t need any DIY skills to use them in the home, hooray!


They are resistant to high temperature’s so they can be used at any time of the year or on family holidays.


They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use so they can be used for everything from the kitchen cupboards to the garage or garden shed!


They are resistant to solvents.


Jammy Fingers have a 100% Performance Guarantee – head to our Facebook page to watch our videos and see how they work!


They are transparent in colour and discrete in size so they won’t be visible in your home.


Drawers will remain firmly fixed, reducing the risk of accidents and avoidable trapped fingers.


They are really easy to apply and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom to name just a few places!

Although we are yet to find a product that gives parents ‘eyes in the back of their head’, we think Jammy Fingers is one step towards this solution and gives peace of mind to anyone responsible for looking after inquisitive and curious little ones.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with exploring if it’s done in the safest way possible!

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